Semitic Etymological Database Online

A Lexicographic Database of Semitic Languages

The search is sensitive to diacritics. The following characters have to be typed in Unicode (or copied from here): ˀ, ˁ, á, ă, ã, ā, ā̃, ä, ä̆, ǟ, ä̃, ą̈, č̣, ĉ, ḏ, ḍ, ḏ̣, γ, ᵉ, é, ē, ẽ, ə, ə́, ǝ̃, ɛ, έ, ɛ̄, ḫ, ḥ, ʰ, í, ī, ī̆, ĩ, ḳ, ḳ̌, ľ, ḷ, m̲, ñ, ó, ŏ, ō, ô, ö, ö́, ɔ, ɔ́, ɔ̄, š, ṣ, s̃, ŝ, ṣ̂, ṣ̌, ṯ, ṭ, ṯ̣, ū, ʷ, ʸ, ẑ, ẓ̂, ǯ, z̃.
The base is searchable by regular expressions. For example, ^ can be used for indicating the starting position within the string, \b can be used for indicating word boundaries, and . (a point) can be used as the wildcard.