The main objective of the project is developing a web-accessed electronic database for the comparative historical lexicography of Semitic languages. At the final stage, the base will contain all lexemes of Semitic languages relevant for comparative etymological reconstruction, and all available proto-language reconstructions of various depth.
Started in 2016, at the present date the base contains over 25,000 lexemes of ca. 60 ancient and modern Semitic languages, as well as over 2,000 etymological reconstructions of eight levels (Proto-Semitic, Proto-West Semitic, Proto-Central Semitic, Proto-Northwest-Semitic, Proto-Canaanite, Proto-Aramaic, Proto-Ethiosemitic, Proto-MSA). Each entry contains references to dictionaries and other lexicographic tools, as well as the necessary philological and linguistic annotations.
NB: This is a BETA version of the database, lacunae and errors may be encountered. The base is being completed and updated continuously.

Coordinators of the project: Leonid Kogan (lkog@rggu.ru) and Ilya Arkhipov (iarkhipov@hse.ru).
In 2016-2020, the database was supported by Russian Science Foundation project 16-18-10343 (head of the project: Vitaly Naumkin). From 2021, the database is supported by the HSE University, projects of the Academic Fund Program no. 21-04-031 and 23-00-19 (head of the projects: Leonid Kogan).
Other participants of the project: Boris Alexandrov (2016-1018), Mina Archakova (2023), Elizaveta Bakumenko (2023), Anastasia Belozerova (2019-2022), Maria Bulakh (2016-), Anna Cherkashina (2016-2020), Svetlana Filatova (2023), Yulia Furman (2016-2020), Maxim Kalinin (2016-2019), Anna Kharitonova (2020), Stanislava Khiznnyakova (2023), Evgeny Kislitsin (2023), Violetta Kondratyeva (2021-2022), Olga Kolesnikova (2021-2022), Sergey Koval (2021-2022), Nikita Kuzin (2016-2020), Evgenia Kuznetsova (2023), Filipp Lekontsev (2023), Sergey Loesov (2016-2020), Rim Nurullin (2016-2018), Mikhail Smulyansky (2021-2022), Arseniy Uspensky (2021-2022).