ksé - to find (JL 135)

*ksˀ - to find (Kogan 2015:560–561)
The origin of Proto-MSA *ksˀ ‘to find’ is uncertain, although an ultimate connection with Arb. ksˀ ‘to pursue, to follow’ (Lane 2608) is not unlikely. In such a case, Tgr. käsˀa ‘to drive to pasture’ (WTS 407) must be related as well (unless borrowed from Arabic). M. Höfner (1987:43) identified the MSA root with Qat. ks3ˀ in Q 243:4‒5 (w-kl s1hmm w-ḳnym b-ykn w-yks3ˀ ws1ṭ ḏtn ˀbytn ‘All servants and property which are present and found in these houses’), which is not improbable. (Kogan 2015:560-561)