bédé - to lie (JL 23)

*bdy - to lie (Kogan 2015:550)

"Proto-MSA *bdy 'to lie' is related to Hbr. bdˀ 'to invent, to devise' (HALOT 109), Syr. bdā 'finxit, commentus est' (LSyr. 59), perhaps Zwy. (a)buǧi 'to cheat, to deceive' (EDG 134). It is tempting to identify these terms with Arb. bdˀ 'to originate, to bring into being, to create' (Lane 163) and Sab. bdˀn 'first occasion' (SD 26), with an underlying semantic shift "to lie" > "to create, to invent" > "to make for the first time" > "to begin" (cf. DRS 44)." (Kogan 2015:550)