*namal-/*naml- - ant (SED II No. 163; Kogan 2011: 212)

There is no reliable reflex of this root in Akkadian, as both namlu and lamattu do not give the impression of being autochthonous Akkadian words (see SED II No. 163 for a comprehensive discussion; cf. also Hrůša 2010:255)

Amarna Canaanite
namalu - ant (Rainey 2015: 1022)

kī namlu tumḫaṣu lā tiḳabbilu u tanšuku ḳāti amēli ša yimaḫḫašši ‘When an ant is smitten, does not it fight and bite the hand of the man who smote it?’ (EA 252: 16-19)

nəmālā - ant (HALOT 701)
nmālā - ant nest (LSyr. 431, SL 922)

This sparsely attested lexeme (designating an ant hill rather than the insect as such) seems to be the only reflex of the present root in Aramaic

naml- - ant (BK 2 1349, Lane 3038)
nōmīl - ant (ML 299)
nīẑín - ant (JL 192)
lōmēl - ant (HL 84)

In Kogan's view, clearly identical to the Mehri form with assimilation of resonants. For a possible alternative analysis suggested by Militarev see SED No. 163

nímhil - ant (Nakano 1986: 118)