bašû - to exist, to be (CAD B 144, AHw. 112)

Derived words: bāšû ‘existing, available’ (CAD B 161, AHw. 114); bāšītu ‘valuables, possessions’ (CAD B 139, AHw. 111); bišītu ‘property’ (CAD B 269, AHw 131); bīšu (bišû) ‘possessions’ (CAD B 271, AHw. 131); būšu (bušû, bušiˀu) ‘property, goods’ (CAD B 353, AHw. 144); mušabšû ‘creator (CAD M₂ 250, AHw. 680); nabšiˀu ‘deposit’ (CAD N₁ 30, AHw. 699); tabšītu ‘creation’ (CAD T 33, AHw. 1299).
In spite of the fact that the prototype *b-ṯ-y is unambiguously established thanks to the regular third millennium orthography with ŠV, the etymology of the Akkadian verb is completely uncertain.