ḳáḷaˁ - to throw (LS 375; CSOL I 588; CSOL II 512; Naumkin et al. 2015a:75)

*ḳlˁ - to throw (stones from a sling) (Kogan 2015: 88)
The semantic difference between MSA (“to throw”) and the rest of WS (“sling,” “to throw stones from a sling”) is noteworthy and requires an explanation. Shall one consider the semantic narrowing from “to throw” into “to sling” as a specific feature of Proto-CS/EthS? This hypothesis might be corroborated by the fact that another, perhaps more archaic, common designation of “sling” is preserved in Akk. waṣpu, Arb. waḍaf- and Gez. waṣ̂afa, moŝaf